Saturday, July 17, 2010

Draw Your Own Mug

I love this site and hate it at the same time.  You can create an artist's sketch of yourself, or of the person you think stole your newspaper or is not putting the shopping cart back where it belongs.  It enables you to select each facial feature, and then play with it until it matches your likeness, or best recollection.  The thing I don't like about it is that they trick you into saving it by getting your email address, leading you to believe that they will email you the file, which they don't.  They just keep your sketch and email address on file in case anyone browsing the sketches wants to contact you, or report you to the FBI.  The way around this is to take a screenshot of it and make your own file, no need to leave an unnecessary paper (or electronic) trail.  Give it a go and post your work here.

Create Your Own WANTED Poster.

My next visit is to the site that makes ransom notes (in honor of Mel G.)

                                       WANTED: DEAD OR ASLEEP

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